We specialize in Sustainability, Compliance, and Security of digital services.

We support public bodies and companies, throughout Europe and beyond, in the complex journey of design, implementation, and operations of digital services, helping our customers to improve performance and minimize risks.

We define strategies, develop business cases, and run impact analyses to support a rapid implementation of efficient and compliant digital solutions.

Our team has an in-depth understanding of the organizational, technical, legal, and financial challenges of innovation and digital transformation. Our hands-on experience is a crucial resource to properly design and implement innovation strategies.

We promote simplification and transparency of the European digital regulation, since we see technology and normative framework as two sides of the same coin and we start from this assumption in every challenge we face.

We believe in a digital ecosystem at the service of Citizens and Businesses.

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Our Services

Digital Transformation

We digitize processes and design innovative digital platforms

Cloud Enablement

We design and implement cloud-native infrastructures and support public and private organizations with cloud-enablement strategies and projects. In these initiatives we always guarantee a multifaceted focus on IT performance, financial goals, and environmental sustainability

AI Risk Management

The management of risk associated with Artificial Intelligence is a key element in the current technological landscape

Data Governance & Data Modernization

We design and implement data governance and data modernization solutions aimed at ensuring compliance with the regulatory framework and at maximizing data value

Data Analytics & Machine Learning Operations

We develop and implement data analytics models; we manage the operational aspects of machine learning-based solutions

Building Information Modeling

We support contracting authorities and companies in the design and implementation of BIM solutions

Cybersecurity by Design

We identify risks and define procedures and solutions to ensure long-term safety and reliability of IT services and infrastructures

DPO & CISO as a Service

We offer our customers the opportunity to outsource the function and skills of the Data Protection Officer and Chief Information Security Officer

NFT & Blockchain Solutions

We implement blockchain-based solutions and support the client in the technological and financial management of digital assets

Digital Workplace

We develop strategies, organizational models and technological solutions for agile work, supporting human resources in choosing the most suitable digital tools to carry out their work

Digital Healthcare

We design and build advanced solutions for digital health, integrated with public infrastructures and compliant with the European and Italian regulatory framework

Innovation Management & Procurement

We support public administrations and companies by bringing together the demand and supply of innovation in order to generate business opportunities

Tech M&A

We assist both large enterprises and start-ups in all types of extraordinary transactions with a high technological impact, taking care of intellectual property, industrial protection, and product due diligence.

Europlanning & Funding

We support our customers in accessing European funds and financing instruments

Corporate Training

We co-design and develop training plans to boost and encourage the continuous development of technical and managerial skills within any kind of organization